Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Marketing and public relations

Marketing and public relations
Marketing and public relations support sales by promoting and communicating the brand and product benefits. The Internet allows you the ability to measure the public relations online activities similar to measuring marketing campaigns. As an example, published press releases or product reviews on other sites as well as your own are ways of driving free traffic to your site. Press releases typically contain a natural frequency of important keyword phrases that often rank well in  search engines..

Integrated marketing campaigns are critical for companies to achieve business goals. These kinds of campaigns enable you to be found where the buyers are both online and offline. Industry-specific portals and communities are very analogous to trade shows and industry conferences. Buyers go there to learn from the experts, vendors and peers. Tapping into the natural interest of the market place is key to 21st century marketing success. Offline contacts can be sent email fulfillment, and invited to online events, such as web casts or "Chat with the experts". Contacts gathered online can be invited to meet with executives or technical staff at trade shows or conferences. These days, there are several high-end Internet advertising and marketing communication firms that help identify the most effective, cost-efficient integrated marketing activities to make your online presence an asset to be leveraged by your sales team and executive staff. They basically assist clients in evolving their marketing strategies, so that they can enhance business plans to leverage the synergy between online and offline marketing activities.

Integrated marketing and sales to track and measure ROI:

--Measuring the true ROI of Internet Marketing programs by integrating marketing campaign tracking    with Sales Force Automation as part of a closed loop Marketing to Sales process.

--Monitoring Buyer behavior combined with the ability to track Internet Marketing campaigns to sales   pipeline

--Understanding the customer relationship in a virtual environment, with timely follow-up of qualified   leads, leading to more calculated results.

--Providing strategic consulting for Integrated Internet Marketing programs alongside traditional   marketing services, in order to achieve remarkable ROI (Return on Investment).

All said and done, with the Internet being the best medium for implementing an effective process for measuring marketing ROI, today you have higher quality web leads to a sales team. All this is made easy and attainable, with integrated marketing campaigns.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Five Easy Ways To Grow Your Online Business

Would you like to find out what those-in-the-know have to say about Online Business ? The information in the article below comes straight from well-informed experts with special knowledge about Online Business . Marketing on the internet requires a totally different thought process in order to make more money. The key is not to work HARDER, but to work smarter.It's all about finding something that works and then replicating it over and over again. Below you find some tips on how you can improve your sales dramatically and ultimately your bottom line profits!1.Start An Affiliate Program For Your Product! One of the best ways to bring in targeted traffic to your website is to implement an affiliate program. Why are affiliate programs a GREAT way to increase your profits? Because you're not paying a penny for the traffic until you make a sale! Think about it - what other form of advertising do you ONLY PAY FOR RESULTS? 2.Create Valued-Added ? One-Time-Offers ? An easy way to boost your income substantially is to create highly tempting? One-Time-Offers ? or Upsells to sell to customers at the time they make a purchase. There are several scripts out there that make this easy and secure allowing you to show a very special offer to your customer BEFORE they reach the download or thank you page. 3.Utilize 'Managed Content' Areas Instead of creating a product and simply redirecting your customers to a standard "thank you ? page after their purchase, why not consider setting up a " managed content " area? This is generally achieved by allowing a customer to set-up a username and password to manage a protected "members' area" or issuing them with a username and password upon completion of their purchase. The "perceived value" is being a member of a particular site is generally much higher using this method. It also means that you can add additional relevant content at a later stage.4.Promote ? Back-End Produc ts ? To Previous Customers!

If you don't have an effective backend sales strategy, then you're missing out on one of the most profitable and important aspects of marketing. Your most responsive customers will nearly always be those who have previously purchased from you and had a good experience. Therefore it makes sense to create offers targeted towards these prospects.5.Build Targeted Subscriber Lists Who Are Eager To Read Your Offers Even if you are GIVING away a product, you can still make an incredible amount of money .If you can build a list of prospects who are interested in a particular niche, topic or product then you can easily market other similar or related products to them at a later date. This could be anything from your own products, products or services that you're an affiliate for. Either way - just because they don't buy from you the first time round, doesn't mean they won't in the future.So - if you're not collecting the names and email addresses of your previous customers then you're missing out on some fantastic profits. The day will come when you can use something you read about here to have a beneficial impact. Then you'll be glad you took the time to learn more about Online Business .Eugenijus Sakalauskas is an established ezine publisherand direct marketer on PNP.comSubscribe to my FREE e-course "Power up Your Profits by Packing Your Email Marketing With More Punch "Send blank mailto:pnplistbuild@getresponse.comor visit http://www.pluginnetproefit.comand get 18+ free bonuses

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The History of Wall Street,

        The History of Wall Street,

   When people in the media, or just people in the know, refer to the various markets in lower Manhattan in New York City, they usually just refer to  Wall Street. Now the famous financial district has become synonymous with large amounts of money, power and influence. But how did one street managed to evolve into such an important address?

   Ironically, most major investment firms that happened to build Wall Street into the financial force that is to date aren't even headquartered there anymore. Thanks to technology advancements, these companies are usually headquartered in other parts of Manhattan or in neighboring New Jersey or Connecticut. One of the most influential companies and Wall Street history, J. P. Morgan moved from the address that help make famous in late 2001.

The name Wall Street was actually given for the street since it formed a boundary in New York Amsterdam settlement in the early 1600's. To help word off the British, a 12 foot wall was built around the street to keep out invaders in 1653. In 1792, the Buttonwood agreement started in New York stock exchange and its headquarters would be on Wall Street.

In 1989,a newspaper that would eventually become the Wall Street Journal began publication. The paper took its name from the fact that a growing financial district was browsing around the stock exchange and many companies that would go on to be powerful forces in the United States economy were headquartered there.

One of the most well-known symbols of Wall Street, the JP Morgan headquarters, was built in 1914. The building still stands today, but is now owned and run by Deutsche Bank.

Wall Street has seen its fair share of history over the years, with the 1920 bombing that killed around 40 people and injured 400 to the great crash of 1929 that saw some people kill themselves. Today, if you check the front of the JP Morgan building, you can still see pock marks of 1920 terrorist attack.

The construction of the World Trade Center were the only real major architectural change in the financial district in the last half of the 20th century, and there has been subsequent destruction, that has left a void in the hearts and minds of many that worked and lived near there.

To bring us up to date, by far the worst bombing of all happen to us recently in 2001On September 11, the entire world watched as 19 men hijacked four commercial airliners, attacking passengers and killing crew members, and then turned the fully-fueled planes into missiles!
"A day that will live in infamy" The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941, now there is two days

The history of Wall Street is a collage of incredible highs and devastating lows. The center of Americans and some would say world finance, you can bet there will be plenty of memories made on the most famous street in the world. You can bet that more attacks are being planed now post your comment below